SANITIZED personally

Swiss Antimicrobial Expertise Since 1935

We provide the built-in hygiene function for textiles, polymers and hard goods based on the best available technology to improve the global hygiene factor and reduce material waste in a sustainable manner. This is how we create added value for our customers and consumers. Our employees work in a multifaceted, modern and stable environment, and our shareholders are rewarded by good returns. We have been providing the Swiss antimicrobial hygiene function since 1935, and our everyday business is driven by a strong pioneering spirit.

  • Urs Stalder

    We provide the built-in hygiene function for textiles, polymers and hard goods based on the best available technology


  • Niklaus Lüthi

    SANITIZED arose from the idea of transforming medical knowledge about how to prevent the growth of microbes into knowledge about hygiene and material protection.


  • Stefan Müller

    Together with my international sales team and our partners we support our customers as partners during the achievement of their goals.


  • Simon Linder

    It is my aim to be able to communicate the world of figures to my colleagues in such a way that everyone understands what is behind the figures.


  • Urs Baur

    Sanitized® products find their way – TO YOU


  • Michael Lüthi

    The pioneering spirit has always been in the DNA of SANITIZED.


  • Judith Burri

    Our common success is based on human capital


  • David Chaperon

    How may we assist you?

    Our Innovation Manager is looking forward to hearing from you.


  • Sibylle Hänni

    Making an Invisible Product Come Alive

    I do marketing for an invisible product and ensure transparency.


  • Heinz Studer

    The Indispensability of Antimicrobial Household Utensils

    In Technical Support I need to know exactly what is important to each individual customer.


  • Erich Rohrbach

    We Take a Closer Look

    Efficacy, longevity of the hygiene function as well as safety and compatibility for man and the environment.


  • Manola Kiener

    From Switzerland to the Whole World

    We assist you directly from our headquarters in Burgdorf and in several languages.


  • Urs Zihlmann

    Best available Technology

    It is especially exciting to find the “best available technology” for the specific intended use that offers not only reliable hygiene protection but also preserves resources…


  • David Tierney

    “SANITIZED Preservation supports paint manufacturers to ensure the performance and integrity of their products”.


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