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Keep Out What Doesn’t Belong

Unwavering protection against microbial contamination that enhances the durability and performance of your packaged paint formulations.


The Protection Is On The Wall

Proactively protects paints from within after application. We innovate to offer sustainable and compliant protection.


Success Starts Here

Keep your operations running smoothly and protect your products and equipment from microbial contamination.


Protecting Every Day

Protecting surfaces with safe and effective antimicrobial surfaces. SANITIZED Laboratories carry out testing to provide scientific evidence of the efficacy.

360° Service Package

Formulating and marketing antimicrobials can be a challenging process. Let us support you through every step with our far-reaching expertise.


Our experts analyse precisely what form of microbial growth occurs and are able to prove the effectiveness of any implemented solutions.


We preserve your product in a way that is chemically, legally and ethically compatible.


We ensure regulatory compliance of your products and guide customers wishing to register products themselves.


Using the Sanitized® Quality Seal offers transparency to consumers regarding the quality and sustainability of a paint or coating. In addition, we provide marketing materials and product testing to validate your claims.

Testing and Laboratory Services

Expert Insight

Effective antimicrobial solutions require testing to be successfully developed and marketed.

Our experts test for a wide range of microbial activity, including bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae, to ensure all possibilities are considered. Our solutions are then tested and adapted to be fully compatible with your product’s formulation.

For your end consumers our tests provide scientific proof of efficacy according to internationally recognised industry standards. SANITIZED AG is certified according to IS9001:2008 and has a strict compliance system.

In-Can Challenge Testing

Let us test how resistant your liquid paint formulation is to microbial growth. Stored paints can provide excellent conditions for microbial growth, making active protection crucial. We can test resistance against a cocktail of recognised microorganisms or isolate specific types from your facilities.

Dry Film Testing

Does your paint protect itself after application? Using laboratory-based agar plates or external exposure we can determine how resistance your applied plaint is to a range of microorganisms.

Plant Hygiene Germ Count Testing

Using samples from customer facilities we assess potential contamination sources within the paint manufacturing process.

Antibacterial Testing

How antibacterial is your treated article? Our testing reveals detailed insights into the degree of your product’s antimicrobial capabilities.

Sanitized® Benefits

Discover why Sanitized® Preservations are the right choice for your business.

Swiss Quality

Founded in Burgdorf, Switzerland, we are building off of Sanitized® over 85 years of experience in antimicrobial material protection to ensure the highest standard of product and expertise. In line with our Swiss heritage, SANITIZED Preservation is fully committed to reliability, quality and safety in everything we do. All formulations are extensively tested for stability and efficacy, both in the supplied forms as well as in the end use scenarios.

Responsible Active Ingredients

Our natural and synthetic active ingredients are always developed with priority on human and environmental safety. Whether we provide preservatives that are effective at lower concentrations or use more environmentally friendly active ingredients, the conservation of resources and sustainability is firmly established in our guiding principles. With rising demand for sustainable products and tightening regulations, our formulations will allow you to successfully operate in these changing market conditions.

We are continuously working to improve the environmental impact of our preservatives. In line with this, we want to challenge industry norms by openly communicating about our active ingredients here.

Peace of Mind

For us, safety refers to many things. Human safety, environmental preservation, financial and reputational protection are just a few. We provide solutions that address all these factors, allowing you to confidently focus on your priorities. No more regulatory complications, contaminated products or chemical incompatibilities.


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