Proven Antimicrobial Effectiveness for Better Hygiene in Public Buildings and Homes.

Classic damp cleaning has hardly any effect on the number of bacteria and fungi present. Studies prove that the Sanitized® hygiene function in flooring dramatically reduces the number of pathogens.

The Sanitized® hygiene function:

  • is embedded in the material and is safe for man and environment.
  • is effective against a wide range of harmful bacteria and fungi
  • keeps flooring looking new longer, reducing premature aging.
  • hinders stain development caused by the colonization of microbes.
  • offers constant protection, even between regular cleaning cycles.

Just think about everywhere your shoes have stepped today! The permanent Sanitized® technology in flooring helps improve general well-being and cleanliness by hindering the growth of bacteria, mildew and mold. Public buildings like schools, airports, pools and fitness centers, hospitals, shopping centers, office buildings and hotels as well as your home can benefit from Sanitized®.

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The Sanitized® treatment gives added- value to your products and a clear advantage in the marketplace.

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