PURE ZONE: Food Safety Initiative

SANITIZED Conducts Joint Research with Leading Film Providers

Fewer infections through food: driven by this objective, four leading companies have combined their efforts under www.purezone.fr and the name PUREZONE to conduct joint research. Extruflex SAS, the global market leader for flexible vinyl and provider of food-grade vinyl; GSDI, manufacturer of antimicrobial films; HEXIS HEALTH, manufacturer of self-adhesive PVC cast films; and SANITIZED, pioneer in the field of the antimicrobial hygiene function, are pooling their expertise for improved hygiene conditions and awareness in the food industry.

Specifically, solutions are being worked out to prevent biofilm, “breeding ground” for undesirable microorganisms, on plastic surfaces that come into contact with food. As a result, the microbial load caused by germs and bacteria in and around the hygiene sensitive area of food production and the potential hazardous effect on health can be significantly reduced.

PUREZONE is based on European and US standards (FDA). “We are convinced that our expertise in antimicrobial treatments will greatly benefit the food industry, and the PUREZONE initiative will actively contribute to optimizing the commitment to hygiene in the food industry,” commented SANITIZED CEO Urs Stalder.


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