Responsible usage:
A quick test minimizes the use of additives in paints and varnishes

After just a few seconds of exposure to room air during production processes, spores and bacteria can take hold in water-based paints and  coatings. Meanwhile, valuable time elapses while waiting for the results of external labs in order to define the adequate  level of preservation.

Essential for product quality: When microbial growth is restricted early on, the microbial population is correspondingly smaller and therefore fewer biocides are necessary. When it comes to paints and  coatings in Asia, SANITIZED Preservation AG has an exclusive cooperation with LUMINULTRA®, the leading expert for microbial tests. A quick test measures the amount of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and therefore delivers concrete information about the intensity of the contamination. As a result, the individual dosing of an additive to stem the microbes can be determined and, ideally, minimized.

Responsible producers of  paints and coatings are therefore able to fulfill the requirements profile of relevant eco labels such as “Blauer Engel” (Germany) or “Green Label” (China).

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