Real-time diagnosis minimizes the need for biocides during paint production.
Sanitized® Mobile Lab increases product safety

A best-case scenario for any paint and coating producer includes product safety, no reductions in quality due to mold spores and bacteria and using as few biocides as possible. However, this is feasible only when the spread of the microorganisms is contained as early as possible. Usually, you would wait for the results from the microbiology laboratory or a dip slide test. However, waiting for the microbes to grow until the extent of the contamination can be visually detected costs valuable time, which is precisely when bacteria grow and multiply exponentially.

To save time and therefore maintain biocide doses as low as possible, SANITIZED Preservation offers a fast and reliable on-site laboratory test for its customers in the paint and coating industry. The exact extent of the contamination is available in just a few minutes by measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This quick test is offered to SANITIZED customers in cooperation with LuminUltra Technologies, the leading expert for microbial tests. It is the new, second generation of ATP tests, which are more reliable, faster, and easier to use than its predecessors.

The measurement result offers the basis for deciding on the dosage of the additives that inhibit the microbes like bacteria, fungi and yeast from growing and multiplying as fast as possible therby preventing unnecessary overdosage.

It is even possible to meet the requirements of sustainability labels such as Blauer Engel (Germany) and the Green Label (China) thanks to this precise measurement and granular determination of the dosage.

Learn more about the Sanitized® Mobile Lab in our tutorial

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