Rejuvenating Sleep

Your own bed – a place for the best regeneration, the most private place to feel at ease – if it were not millions of unwelcome roommates. Tiny dust mites, usually less than half a millimeter, find perfect conditions for their reproduction in our beds. Humans not only provide warmth, but also the moisture they love in the form of perspiration. Up to half a liter is excreted each night. And there is no charge for nutrition – the flakes of human skin cells.

Not only is the idea of having uninvited bedmates repulsive. Allergy sufferers react to the feces of the microorganisms with the so-called household dust mite allergy. Itching, breathing problems or even asthma are the consequences.

Preventing these reactions through the use of bedding and mattresses treated with an antimicrobial technology – from the mattress ticking to the bed linen. Wenatex Das Schlafsystem GmbH has developed a complete bedding system whose individual components are protected by the long-lasting Sanitized® hygiene function, which also protects against mildew formation.  The Swiss company Dorbena AG uses the Sanitized® technology in pillows and blankets, and emphasizes the OEKO-TEX 100 certification.

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