Research and odor-management: no more sumehara

Sumehara is in the Japanese word for “unpleasant odor”. Obviously, this is not a rare phenomenon, otherwise a company would not have specifically developed the Kunkun Body App, which measures the smell under a person’s armpits, on their head and their feet.

This app is not on the market in Europe yet, but that doesn’t mean the effects of perspiration and odor are not being studied here. In the course of developing a technology that prevents the permanent smell (of sweat) on polyester textiles, the Swiss company SANITIZED AG explored how to measure these odors and how they could prevent them being “stored” in the textile surface. Moreover, two test methods were developed that clearly identify the odor or the bacterial odors.

Psychologists are also busy studying olfactory perception. The results can, for example, be sniffed out in department stores and bakeries, and are intended to encourage shoppers to buy more. There is so much to explore, because each of us has over 1,000 odor receptors.

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