Safe hygiene for the “bed system”

Antimicrobial protection in the bed does not mean just relief for allergy sufferers. The protection against dust mites, bedbugs, mildew and unwanted bacterial odor enhances each part of the bed system: safety, well-being and peace of mind for your bedroom at home, in a hotel room or in hospitals and nursing care facilities. Wherever you lay down to rest the Sanitized® hygiene function ensures deep cleanliness and built-in antimicrobial protection in the material.

SANITIZED, the antimicrobial hygiene function experts recommend the technology most suitable for the specific application to mattress, ticking, pillow and duvet as well as bedlinen manufacturers to achieve the best possible results for the complete “bed system”. Thus mattress ticking or mattress toppers with the Sanitized® silver technology can achieve wash resistance for up to 10 washes. An aspect that is relevant especially for hospitals or the hotel industry. Mattress foam is protected permanently by Sanitized® on the basis of zinc pyrithione.

Leading global manufacturers such as Bekaert Textiles in Belgium and Boyteks in Turkey use the Sanitized® hygiene function or Select Comfort for its SLEEP NUMBERS® product brand.


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