SANITIZED Preservation AG sample order

Dear Customer, Dear Distributor,

Thank you for your interest in Sanitized® products. We are looking forward to prove the efficacy of our products by providing you a Sanitized® product sample.

Don’t hesitate to contact or your local Sales Manager, if you have any questions or if you would like to receive advice to find the best solution for your specific needs.

Best regards,

Manola Kiener
Customer Service Desk Manager



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Product Sample

Sanitized® BZ
Sanitized® BC
Sanitized® BB
Sanitized® HC
Sanitized® BIT20D
Sanitized® BIT20
Sanitized® BN20
Sanitized® DB20
Sanitized® ZTI
Sanitized® ZDI
Sanitized® ZI
Sanitized® CDO
Sanitized® CI15
Sanitized® AG+
Sanitized® AC+




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General shipping terms:

  • Samples to EU countries are shipped on DAP terms to the customer’s destination.
  • Samples to overseas are shipped on CIP terms to the destination airport. Recipients are responsible for customs clearance, customs release, transport to final destination, duty and taxes and/or any other additional charges claimed by authorities or forwarder. Goods have to be released from customs usually within 5 days. In certain countries the recipient has to have an allowance to import chemicals into his country.
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