Sanitized® protects: a daily companion in the home, office, during sports and on the road

During a completely normal day there are countless contact points with bacteria. This begins in the home environment. Bacteria find excellent living conditions in the kitchen, bedroom and bath, for heat and humidity promote their growth. They are everywhere: on shower curtains, hand towels, toothbrushes, toothbrush cups, hair brushes, bed linens, cutting boards, dish towels or the refrigerator, where bacteria not only cause odors but also allow mold to grow, which reduces the shelf life of the food stored there.


Contact surfaces arise where a lot of people come together daily, which, without antimicrobial treatment, become active stomping grounds and distribution stations for a very wide variety of bacteria: fitness equipment, buttons on automatic ticket dispensing machines and the surfaces of seats and grab handles in public transportation. Also door frames and handles, telephones and keyboards are additional distribution centers for unwanted pathogens. Up to 30,000 different bacteria were discovered in American offices. With antimicrobial treatment plastics and textiles can be reliably protected against the colonization and spread of bacteria. SANITZED is developing individual solutions for its customers worldwide in the textile and polymer industry.
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