Selfie culture pushes gyms

Millennials in particular have discovered the importance of their body – not just for work, but also for private postings on social media channels. The selfie mania has got both male and female posers hooked. And a toned body attracts even more followers on Facebook, Instagram & Co. That’s why everyone is off to the gym.

Gyms are currently experiencing a boom. It’s not just the classic training equipment that is in demand, but also the really sweaty training programs like CrossFit with the addition of weightlifting (!) or PHIIT (Pilates High Intense Interval Training).


There is one thing that all these workouts have in common: the sweat is transferred from our hands or other exposed parts of the body, such as legs or arms, onto the handles and seats or support surfaces of the fitness equipment. Unfortunately, not everyone follows the gym’s rules of cleaning used surfaces with a disinfectant wipe after they have finished training.

Imagine how nice it would be if you could be assured that the equipment was permanently protected thanks to an antimicrobial treatment.

Advanced Antimicrobial Technology for Your Polymer Application.

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