What do a shower curtain and a motorbike seat have in common? Ideally, no bacteria

A shower curtain has an important job to do. Its fate: It’s always wet, and usually in a windowless bathroom without ventilation. Add shampoo and human skin particles and it’s the perfect medium for all types of bacteria. The result: A slimy biofilm, odors and spots, called pink stain. For people with a weakened immune system, these bacteria, in combination with warm steam (not uncommon in a bathroom), can even endanger personal health, writes the international weekly science journal “Nature”.

You could follow the advice of Canadian hygiene expert Jason Tetro, known as the “Germ Guy”, and disinfect your shower curtain every week.

He claims it’s the only sure way of getting rid of all the bacteria present in your bathroom, especially those near your toilet. A far more comfortable and sustainable solution though would be to choose a shower curtain with integrated antimicrobial protection. Spirella®, Europe’s premier shower curtain manufacturer, relies on Sanitized® material protection. The principle: silver ions reduce the attachment of microbes and thus durably protect against bacterial colonization, odor development and biofilm. This hygiene step is also recommended for anti-slip mats in the shower and bathtub.

However, the high humidity of a bathroom isn’t essential for a cocktail of spots and odors to form. How about yoga or gym mats? Better for each to bring their own to the lesson, or for the organizer to offer mats from AIREX® with the integrated Sanitized® hygiene function (for example).

The protection of polymers from bacteria is also a topic in the automobile and motorbike industries.

A humid environment, supplemented by the driver’s sweat, creates an inviting site for bacteria. And they’re really looking forward to the tasty plasticizer in the PVC.

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