Sinks: more bacteria than in a dog’s bowl

In addition to the stove, the kitchen sink also sees plenty of action. It is where leftover food is rinsed off, where we wash our hands, vegetables, as well as chicken or fish. But a potato peeler or chopping board can easily be left in the sink, and only get briefly rinsed off due to the hectic pace involved in preparing meals. Meat and vegetable-based ingredients as well as waste come into contact in the sink. It is therefore no wonder that an investigation by the American organization, NSF, revealed that there is significantly more bacteria in sinks than in the food bowls of our four-legged friends.

Franke Kitchen Systems Ltd has shown how a sink in the kitchen can remain hygienically safe.

For the Fragranit+ series of products an innovative granite composite material heat-resistant to 280 degrees Celsius is used, which in addition is treated with the silver technology of Sanitized®.

Embedded in the material, the antimicrobial protection is effective and durable. The Sanitized® protection is also used for the drainage system.

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