Smart packing for the vacation: Safe with Sanitized®

Experiencing and discovering a new country close-up is on many vacationers’ agendas. The proper equipment needs to go in the luggage. It should be as compact and light as possible. T-shirts, underwear, functional clothing or socks  treated with Sanitized® are perfect. They prevent sweaty odor so the textiles can be worn several times. How practical! Tiresome washing along the way is eliminated and valuable water resources are conserved. Just air them out and put them on the next morning!

Want to look and feel cool? On strenuous hikes and other adventures a bandanna that absorbs the droplets of sweat on your forehead, does not smell even after repeated use and makes the wearer look cool is a blessing. Insoles with a long-lasting freshness effect delight the hiker on a long tour.

The Sweaty Stuff bags should be in every backpack and travel bag: These specially treated little bags offer a simple solution to separate the dirty laundry from the rest for better hygiene during your trip.

Designed as a yoga or fitness bag, this clever bag can of course also be useful as a day pack for going sightseeing, to the beach or on short hikes. It is perfect for carrying damp or sweaty clothing: No odor or mildew develops.

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