Smelly feet: Wearing the right socks can save you from embarrassing moments

Just how welcome are guests who take their shoes off – with or without any prompting – when they enter your home? The same applies to tradesmen, who may have just done six hours of sweaty physical labor or what about the person sitting next to you on the plane! It all depends on the choice of socks. You do not have to suffer from any medically diagnosed problem to have a foul smell emanate from your socks. It is a completely natural process: the bacteria break down the sweat on the foot, thereby creating that pungent sickly-sweet odor. But knowing this doesn’t make that awful stench any easier to bear.

Our tip is to be smart in your choice of socks! There is help out there for the millions of people with sweaty feet: Specially treated stockings and socks don’t allow this smell to start in the first place. How is that possible? The magic behind this is based on centuries of knowledge regarding the effects of silver. The Swiss company SANITIZED AG found an intelligent evolved solution that is safe for man and the environment and supplies this worldwide to companies such as LUPO s/a, Marks & Spencer, Jockey® and CAT® Caterpiller. The blue diamond-shaped Sanitized® brand marks products that are equipped with the special technology and give wearers a long-lasting feeling of freshness. Such an antimicrobial treatment is also possible for the textile interior of shoes.

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