Sports and Hygiene: Hidden Risks Lasting security with the Sanitized® hygiene function

Perspiration and sports are inseparable. Each piece of sports equipment is exposed to this human bodily secretion. Bacterial colonization, increase in disease-causing germs, odor and material deterioration are the unwanted consequences. The Sanitized® hygiene function embedded in the plastic provides lasting and dependable relief.

The handles on fitness equipment with the moist residues of the previous user, yoga mats that are hectically rolled up after the lesson allowing bacteria to actively work for a whole week until the next class and showers or benches in changing rooms: in almost every sport one is exposed to another’s perspiration.

Hardly any fitness studio will always succeed in performing the hygiene/disinfection measures desired by the users at all times. Therefore, additional activities are necessary to give the athletes a feeling of security that they are training in a safe, hygienic environment. This is made possible by the antimicrobial Sanitized® treatment on plastics, e.g., handles, floor coverings or sports mats.

And, of course, odor-free sportswear belongs to a completely enjoyable sports session – whether indoor or outdoor. The Sanitized® hygiene function makes this possible in a reliable and enduring way.

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