Stinky sports bags

After you’ve worked out, you might fancy going for a drink with friends. Great idea, but maybe it’s not wise to take your sports bag with you, because the stench emitted from its contents is really quite offensive. Sports textiles and shoes are dripping with sweat after an intensive workout. The innumerable bacteria that live on our skin start breaking the sweat down immediately and this process releases the typical, unpleasant odor. Your damp towel from the shower placed on top provides additional moisture. A paradise for bacteria! After these items are washed, a large part of the odor-causing deposits are usually removed, but unfortunately not all of them. This is the start of the so-called Permastink. Sanitized® can help.

Manufacturers such as Cannon, Universal towels, Buble, or Apera provide your towels with the added benefits of Sanitized®.

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