Sustainability is of key importance already during the research and development phase of our products. Wherever possible, new developments are designed so that resource-saving application technologies can be used in the textile and polymer processing industry.

Sanitized® products are formulated so that they can be integrated into standard production processes. This saves on the use of additional special processing methods and makes an active contribution to energy – savings and emissions reduction. An additional advantage of the Sanitized® hygiene function is that normal cleaning cycles can be extended since the treated articles remain clean longer. Materials last longer and thus extending their useful-life.

Sanitized® benefits compared to untreated materials

  • Polymers remain functional and attractive longer
  • Prolonged useful life because less frequent washing
  • Supports low-temperature laundry
  • Reduction of detergent use and saves water and energy
  • Lasting freshness even after extensive wearing of the same textile
  • Compliance with the strictest international regulations and standards as well as certified safety for man and the environment
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