Take off your shoes! A matter of preference or cleanness?

It’s a basic rule in many Asian countries that that outdoor shoes are not worn inside the house, with no exceptions tolerated! This applies to homeowners as well as their guests. Other cultures are a little more flexible. If you think this is too rigid or just weird, take a moment to consider where the soles of our shoes have been and what they pick up along the way. You don’t even have to think about the worst case scenario of the unlucky day you stepped in dog poop. A study by the University of Arizona identified all kinds of disgusting bacteria in a home that you really don’t want on your carpet.


If you’re not up to insisting that your guests leave their shoes at the door, we would recommend you look into antimicrobial flooring, carpeting and rugs. This will inhibit any bacteria brought inside from multiplying on your floors.

On the other hand, seeing the repairman’s sweaty footprints on your floor might make you regret insisting that he take off his shoes… A good idea is to keep a few pairs of slippers handy for such occasions although you may annoy a few style-conscious guests who put a lot of thought into their outfits. Others might ask who else had the slippers on their feet. They can rest easy in slippers with the Sanitized® hygiene function – no microbial growth and no bad odors!

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