Technology for Polymers

Our customers in the fields of hygiene and material protection are supported by us from the initial idea to the implementation.

We excel at innovative solutions that meet your individual needs.

Besides the regulatory approvals, our quality products comply with all of the necessary protection requirements. We offer active ingredients in various delivery forms.

Sanitized® products can be durably incorporated into the article during various steps in the textile or polymer manufacturing process to obtain permanent protection. Sanitized® is used in various application fields.

We would be glad to advise you personally about which solution is most suitable for you.

The right technology

Sanitized® products are globally available and meet the local regulatory requirements. Quality and safety play a major role for us. The active ingredients used meet different customer needs, and using the best available technology we deliver the best antimicrobial protection.

Our experts give you individual product recommendations after careful determination of your needs and clarification of the requirements profile. The Sanitized® hygiene function fulfills a wide range of customer needs. Checklist on the Technology Platform

Delivery forms and application processes

Sanitized® products are available in various delivery forms to meet the technology requirements of our worldwide customer base.

Depending on the application process, the Sanitized® products can be integrated into the article during the entire manufacturing process. This applies to all relevant application processes.

During the application processes the opportunity exists to be supported by our experts. Besides our quality products we offer you our experience and our application service.

Sanitized® products are compatible with the conventional carrier systems and additives. The product properties are not changed by the Sanitized® treatment. Contact us for precise use recommendations and formulations.

Fields of Application

Materials treated with Sanitized® are used in different fields:

The Sanitized® hygiene function refers to the protection of the treated article, not to the protection of the user. It does not replace the cleaning of the treated article. The treated items have long-lasting protection, even between individual cleaning cycles.

If you have a specific idea or a special request contact us in person. We will gladly assist you with your individual needs!

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