The Airport: New Records for Bacteria Colonization

Experienced travelers know that toilets are hygiene-sensitive areas. But surprisingly, other locations have dramatically higher bacteria accumulations (measured in CFU; colony forming units). And these spots can hardly be avoided!

In a current investigation, 21,630 CFUs were documented on the armrests of seats at the departure gates in American airports. That is about 100 times more than on toilet-door handles! But that’s not all. The new record holders are touch-screens that airline passengers must use to check in. The measurements yielded an incredible 253,857 CFUs.

But in the course of a trip there are many critical points-of-contact that are touched daily by thousands of travelers―no matter where their hands have previously been. This includes handholds in airport buses, safety belt buckles and even the folding tray in the plane.

It’s so much nicer when you can create a personal hygiene oasis during a strenuous trip. For example, with a comfy neck cushion with the Sanitized® hygiene function. After many uses, even after long distance travels, a pleasant feeling of freshness remains, because the odor-causing bacteria cannot reproduce. So just relax and don’t worry about who’s hairy or bald, sweaty head was previously pressed against the headrest of the seat in the plane, train or long-distance bus before you. Happy travels!

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