The Awareness of Hygiene Concepts in Public Transportation is Growing. Sanitized® Makes an All-Inclusive Solution Possible.

Whether you are traveling by airplane, bus, subway, train, taxi or ship you are surrounded by people sharing the same limited space. This increases the risk of spreading bacteria, and the intensive use promotes material deterioration.

The Sanitized® antimicrobial treatment offers:

  • more comfort and peace of mind
  • increased useful life of your textile or polymer products
  • enhances performance
  • reduces material deterioration
  • odor-resistant
  • best available protection against bacteria, odor, fungi and other microbes
Clean Zone Fact: A study which questioned 7000 people in nine countries revealed that one in ten people admitted avoiding public transport because of worries over cleanliness and general hygiene levels. 
(Source:, 2011)
Bacteria in our daily life. 
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A large variety of articles like seat cushions and fabrics, handles, grips, artificial leather, ventilation and air-conditioner systems, walls, flooring and carpets as well as fixtures in public facilities and employee uniforms can be protected against bacteria, odors and fungi by integrating the Sanitized® hygiene function.

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Are you interested in finding out how the Sanitized® hygiene function can supplement your products?

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