The Biocidal Products Regulation: Relevant Facts for the PVC Industry

Plasticized PVC products are very sensitive to microbial attacks. Especially outdoor applications with warm and humid conditions promote the growth of microorganisms. The extra-cellular enzymes in these microbes can break down plasticizers and other additives.

These negative aspects are raising the need for an antimicrobial treatment of plasticized PVC. But the customers` requirements are not only restricted to the antimicrobial effectiveness and compatibility with their application process or individual formulations, but also to regulatory aspects. In the European Union biocides need to meet the requirements of the Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR), EU No. 528/2012. 

download offers necessary regulatory information about active substances, biocidal products, treated articles and labeling requirements. SANITIZED offers regulatory advice and support to all your concerned customers. 


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