The Kitchen is the Heart of Every Home. The Integrated Antimicrobial Sanitized® Technology Helps to Keep Your Kitchen a “Clean Zone”.

The Sanitized® hygiene function has multiple effects:

  • against the colonization of bacteria,
  • against material destruction,
  • against mold and mildew formation,
  • against unpleasant odors.

There are an unending number of breeding grounds for bacteria, mold and mildew in the kitchen. Just think about all the things you touch in your kitchen. Articles like faucets and sinks, cupboard handles or refrigerator drawers, cutting boards, hand towels and cleaning utensils as well as all work surfaces. Sanitized® makes an active contribution to kitchen hygiene.

Clean Zone Fact: 
A normal dish cloth can harbor more than 20,868 bacteria per square centimeter. (Source: 2015)
Underestimated risk: hygiene in the kitchen. 
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Sanitized® is embedded in the material and is safe for man and the environment. The Sanitized® hygiene function protects the treated articles – not the user of such articles. It is not a substitute for regular cleaning of the article. The treated article is protected constantly, even between cleaning cycles.

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