Fits nicely, looks good and stays fresh for a long time: The perfect underwear can make you feel amazing

There have been countless studies around the world to find out just which colors and styles people prefer for their underwear. When it comes to choosing briefs and undershirts it can sometimes get a little racy: Cliché as it may sound, the colorful, sexy yet comfortable tops, leggings and underwear from Malwee Malhas Ltda fully satisfy the needs of the fun-loving Brazilians.

In Australia, the KNOBBY® brand is real hot topic of conversation because of its wild and colorful designs.

Young, active people love unusual styles that look more like swim trunks. Looking good is one thing, but feeling good and fresh is just as important. Even when the Brazilians and Australians get really sweaty in the heat, both Malwee and KNOBBY® underwear provide them with a long-lasting feeling of freshness thanks to the integrated Sanitized® hygiene function.

It’s not just the young wild guns that have discovered the benefits of the Sanitized® hygiene function in their underwear. With its Hubermasche® brand, the long-established German company Gebr. Huber GmbH & Co. KG, gives its “tummy-shaper briefs” genuine added value with the Sanitized® treatment. Also available in the high-quality breathable functional textiles from Ott-Tricot Werner Ott e.K. ensures freshness and wearing comfort  you can rely on thanks to the built-in technology from the Swiss experts at SANITIZED.

Style role models from the rapper scene with their saggy pants (trousers pulled down really low) have turned underwear labels into a status symbol. Perhaps the new trend should be geared more towards looking at the labels rather than showing what’s in the underwear…

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