The Sanitized® Hygiene Function Is the Best Solution for Your Industrial and Commercial Applications.

Improved material performance and peace of mind plus a persuasive added- value with Sanitized®.

The Sanitized® antimicrobial treatment can be integrated into all types of textile and polymer goods used in the production of a wide range of industrial and commercial end uses. It permanently protects materials used in:

Clean Zone Fact: A study found rhinoviruses (causes of the common cold) on 63 % of the gym equipment. Even worse: The study confirmed that disinfecting the equipment twice a day didn’t do anything to lower the virus count. 
(Source: Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine/MensHealth)
Bacteria in our daily lives.
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The service life of treated items is increased, functionality and performance are enhanced and the need for protection, well-being and more peace of mind is fulfilled. The Sanitized® treatment gives added-value to your products and a clear advantage in the marketplace.

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