Vacation: Finally plop down and relax – or perhaps not?

Sunshine and sparkling seas – the sunbed calls! Or maybe not? Sigh, how annoying that the previous skimpily dressed sun lover had direct skin contact with the pad on the lounger. Ewww! How much of their sweat may have penetrated into the pad that you want to relax on? But hey, no worries you can always place the hotel towel on it and voilà, safe & sound on the slightly damp but clean towel. But wait…what about the mildew that quickly forms in soft, fluffy fabrics in humid maritime climates? Those who bring along their own towel are smart! Ideally of course a fast-drying towel that is treated with the Sanitized® hygiene function or, if the hotel uses towels that are protected against the formation of mildew:

Did the sweaty character from the sunbed also sit on the stool in the bar? No problem, if the upholstery fabric or artificial leather is treated with Sanitized®!

Once you have the image of the sweaty and sticky hotel guest in your head all kinds of unappetizing contact points begin to appear; which are all breeding grounds for bacteria due to sweat and climate. This applies to children’s flotation aids, air mattresses for chilling in the pool and the rented wetsuit. Without antibacterial protection, these types of plastic articles not only develop unpleasant odors due to bacterial growth but stains and mildew can form.

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