Water-based paints: Prevent fungi and bacteria– Inspected and safe

Paint solvent extractions are no longer allowed, which is one reason for the global demand for water-based paints and  coatings. At first glance, their application is free from health risks.

The reality, however, is somewhat different: Water-based paints that do not include preservation agents are highly prone to the development of bacteria and fungi. This leads to both health risks and high rates of product returns s.

It is therefore up to the paint industry to find the right balance in order to protect water-based paints with the minimal dose of antimicrobial additives necessary for protection. The goal must be: Responsible biocide use while still retaining hygiene during production, storage, and application. MIT-free is a prerequisite.

SANITIZED AG emphasizes the responsible use of biocides. In doing so, the Swiss company employs its more than 80 years of hygiene competence in the production of paint to provide  expert consultation in selecting the right antimicrobial additive based on the product and intended use. Practical experience shows that custom combinations of active ingredients often lead to a lower dose. SANITIZED experts oversee the production chain, offer quick tests for microbial contamination on site, and act as a competent contact parter for registration questions. Manufacturers interested in using the Sanitized® Ingredient Brand receive comprehensive marketing support.

Your contact person for the varnish and paint industry is: david.tierney@sanitized.com


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