What offers real protection against the coronavirus? Critically approaching «antiviral» claims on facemasks and garments

How can I protect myself and my colleagues against the coronavirus? A question often asked by hygienists in hospitals, employees in companies, and individuals today. After the coronavirus lockdown, personal protection is a topic of discussion as life carefully returns to normal.

False protection promises
Caution, panic and legal regulations have massively increased demand for mouth-nose protection (MNP). In such situations, suppliers are often more concerned with how much they sell and less about trustworthy and accountable consumer information. The result is unclear antiviral protection claims and promises.

 Certification is necessary
Similar to other biocidal products and treated articles, regulatory clarification is required for marketability. The conditions for advertising are mostly very country-specific and should be clarified with the respective competent country authority. https://echa.europa.eu/support/helpdesks

The effectiveness of Sanitized® products und treated textiles
It is of great concern to us to emphasize that the use of Sanitized® additives, for which an antiviral efficacy has been confirmed according to current international standards (e.g. ISO 18184 or ISO 21702), does not automatically result in a treated article with an antiviral effect or for which antiviral-related claims can be made.


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