Where people leave traces behind: the hotel bed

Have you already estimated how many people slept in your hotel bed before you? Fresh bedding is a matter of course in good hotels. Yet how frequently are the mattresses, pillows or covers cleaned? People lose up to half a liter of perspiration every night. And even a body that is showered and cared for daily naturally sheds little flakes of skin. The combination of fluid and flakes of skin is the perfect basis for the growth of dust mites. Their feces cause respiratory difficulties and rashes in people with allergies. A mattress or mattress topper with an antimicrobial finish prevents the multiplication of dust mites and thus can be recommended for allergy sufferers. And, besides, there is the assurance of being able to get a restful night’s sleep in a really fresh and clean bed.

A 4-star Swiss hotel conducted a study of the long-term effect of the Sanitized® hygiene function in mattresses.

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