Why the perfect ski day is even better with Sanitized®

When hiking in wintertime, have you ever had the experience of arriving at a mountain hut when a group of cross-country skiers are also taking a break? There’s an unpleasant stink of sweat in the air, perhaps mixed with the aroma of cheese fondue. What a shock to the system after the crisp freshness of winter air.

Very few cross-country or downhill skiers would do without functional clothing and yet very few select sport clothing that inhibits odor. SANITIZED AG has over 80 years experience in this area. The Sanitized® hygiene function is integrated into textiles and inhibits the development of unpleasant odors, especially the unsavory scent of sweat. Gloves, face masks and beanies are more fun to wear when they only keep you warm instead of also emitting odors.

Everyone’s concept of a perfect ski day is slightly different: for some it’s slopes covered in powder, for ski tourers it’s the solitary ascent through tranquil nature. Meanwhile, snowboarders dream about the perfect 360 degree rotation on the halfpipe, while cross-country skiers hope for the ideal snow temperature for maximum skating performance. Regardless, stinky shoes and clothing should not play a part! Plus, your fellow winter-sports enthusiasts will thank you!

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