Colleagues and customers are delighted: workwear without stink

The delivery guy you would prefer not to let into your home, the kitchen that has to be aired out after the repairman has left… We’re all too familiar with such unpleasant encounters with people who smell of sweat. Despite Industry 4.0 and the increasing role of automation, there are still plenty of physically demanding jobs out there. Tradesmen, builders and people in the manufacturing industry sometimes sweat a lot when carrying out their job. Employers can contribute to a better working environment by providing comfortable workwear with an effective odor-management treatment. Odors are stopped at the source by hindering the growth of bacteria. Clothing or shoe interiors treated with the antimicrobial Sanitized® hygiene function are permanently protected against unpleasant odors plus it increases the lifespan of the articles. The experts at SANITIZED AG will gladly recommend suitable technologies for the respective material and its manufacturing process.

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