Loved but neglected: your living room

In every home the living room welcomes family and friends to sit down, kick back and relax. To enjoy some quality time together, watch an excitingsports match or drown out a bad day with good tunes.


But as much as we like hanging out on the sofa, we really don’t like making the effort to clean it. According to a study by the American Cleaning Institute (ACI), only one in ten Americans regularly give their living rooms a “deep-clean”. Kitchens (36 %) and bathrooms (46 %) are given a lot more attention when it comes to responsible cleaning practices. But cleanlinessis not just about getting rid of the dirt you can see.

It’s important to keep mildew & mold, dust mites and bacteria in check, and not just for allergy sufferers and small children, but for everyon’s comfort and peace of mind. When microbes get a foothold in your home, they can create unpleasant odors, stains or do serious material damage―yes, even in your living room. You’ll find an array of Sanitized® treated articles to improve cleanliness in your home in the.house, SANITIZED AG’s virtual house.

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