Peppermint power fights odor in cotton textiles

Cotton textiles such as underwear, T-shirts and outerwear are prone to developing odors, as are bed linen and towels. Active odor control using the natural antibacterial effect of peppermint gives cotton textiles long-lasting freshness.

The base substance is farmed in plantations: natural peppermint (Mentha piperita). It contains menthol, an essential oil with an antimicrobial effect. It is precisely this natural biocidal effect, which forms the basis for Sanitized® Mintactiv odor-management in cotton textiles.

The new product meets the specifications of demanding textile manufacturers and their brands’ sustainability claims, providing reliable odor control using natural mint.


  • Effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
  • 100 % natural antimicrobial effect
  • Sustainable, renewable, metal-free
  • Combinable with other textile effects
  • Applied without binders and washproof
  • Renewable natural resource: peppermint


Sanitized® treated textile

Untreated textile

Transparency for the end consumer
The Sanitized® Ingredient Brand can communicate the differentiating competitive advantage to consumers.

We will gladly support you in the production process as well as with testing of the treated end articles.

Would you like to know how a Sanitized® odor-management can make your products even better?

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