Water sports: Without the unwanted musty odor on your towel and wetsuit

The excitement of going swimming, diving or surfing is often marred by the thought of getting into a musty smelling neoprene suit. If the suit is not meticulously dried out every time, nasty odors build up that cannot be eliminated.

Isn’t it therefore better to prevent this from happening in the first place, like ION did, the specialist for water sports apparel. ION wetsuits have an integrated Sanitized® hygiene function that prevents bacteria from multiplying in moist neoprene. Because it is the bacteria that breaks down the sweat, and this decomposition is responsible for the bad smell. In addition to this, bacteria are also responsible for faster material fatigue. Link to ION videos, etc.

bubel® towels are the perfect complement for a relaxing and odor-free day at the beach, lake or by the pool: A fashion statement with their unusual designs plus super light material treated with Sanitized®.

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